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Please edit and amend the pages on this wiki

It is highly appreciated if you amend and expand this wiki. To prevent abuses, however, anonymous edits have been disabled.

Please do not be discouraged by this security measure, but rather see it as an attempt to increase the reliability of the information that is published on this web site.

Obtain your login information

To obtain a user login that will allow you to edit the pages, please send an e-mail with your name, complete street address, and (if applicable) firm or organisation to

There are no prerequisites whatsoever to obtain a login other than providing this information.

Use of your personal data

Your personal data will only be used for maintaining this wiki, meaning that it will only be used to identify the authors of any postings (see Project:Privacy policy for details). To this end, your name and certain other contact details will be published on this web site. Please see the user page for User:Tadeus Testuser as an example of the information that is publicly available by default

If you would like to present additional information about yourself on this user page, e.g. your complete contact details or other information about your law firm, this can of course be arranged upon request (just mention your preferences in the e-mail).